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Hello and welcome to Northern Island Host Families!
We welcome international visitors to Northern Ireland, to take part in fun activities and meet local people like you! We offer opportunities to host in your home both teenagers and adults all year round, but particularly during the summer months. All families are paid weekly expenses to cover costs. Our students come from Spain, France, Italy, Portugal and even as far away as Japan.

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hosting Juniors

All of our host families for Young learners are extremely carefully selected via a vetting process and personal interview. We offer programmes that allow your own boys and girls to interact with the visitors and in some instances take part in different activities with them. See below for details of hosting opportunities for Young learners 2016.

hosting adults and Families

Increasingly we welcome more adults and even entire families who come to improve their English, perhaps take part in an activity they enjoy and to meet new people. If you have a spare room at home, would enjoy welcoming guests of other cultures and would like to get involved then please get in touch. Details of some available opportunities detailed below.

Family Integration and tourism

Location: Northern Ireland
Dates: All summer long
Host a student (12-18 years old) for a minimum of two weeks and involve them in at least 2 tourism related activities per week of their stay. You must have a boy or girl within this age range to participate given that we do match up our visitors in age as closely as possible within your own.

Family Integration and summer camp

Location: Northern Ireland
Dates: All summer long
One of our longest running programmes and particularly suitable for parents of boys and girls aged between 10-14 years old. Host a boy or girl of the same age range for one or two weeks and in exchange send your own boy or girl to camp with them free of charge. We use different day camps depending on your geographical location in Northern Ireland (Campbell College, Queens Summer Camps, Share Village etc).

Family Integration and surf

Location: Portrush
Dates: 30th June-14th July or 30th June-21nd July 2019
Host required for our visitors who will be surfing in the mornings and taking English classes in the afternoons in Portrush this July.

Family Integration and horse riding

Location: Northern Ireland
Dates: All summer long
Hosts required living near riding centres. Our visitors wish to attend riding classes combined with a family home stay and would be wishing to attend local pony camps during their times with us.

Strangford Adventure

Location: Clearsky Adventure Centre, Castleward
Dates: 30th June-14th July or 30th June-21nd July 2019
We are back for a 10th year! Calling all families in the Downpatrick and surrounding areas with boys or girls aged 12-16! In exchange of hosting one of our Spanish or French visitors for 2 or 3 weeks this July get a free place at our private designed adventure camp for the duration. We are back for a 8th year. Body boarding, speed boats, fishing, karting, archery...adventure and fun is guaranteed! Supervised transport available from Downpatrick.

Family Integration and beach camp

Location: Benone beach
Dates: 1st-15th and 15th-29th July 2019
Calling all families in the Limavady, Derry and surrounding areas with boys or girls aged 12-16! In exchange of hosting one of our Spanish or French visitors for 2 weeks this July get a free place at our private designed beach camp for the duration. Camp will be held at Benone beach from Mondays-Fridays (10am-4pm) and include activities such as surfing, beach art, SUP, giant paddle, tennis, crazy golf and volleyball. A lot of fun will be guaranteed!

Work experience

Location: Northern Ireland
Dates: All summer long
We welcome some older teens (aged 16+) to take part in short term work placements with local businesses for several weeks at a time. We are always on the look out for hosts for this programme. Students are outing during 4-5 days per week at their work placement so suitable for families with other commitments. Please get in touch if this is of interest.

Term-time students

Location: Northern Ireland
Dates: All year round
Would you like to welcome a student into your home during term time and send them to school with your own son or daughter? We welcome students from 2-12 weeks at a time during the school year. Please get in contact with us if this is of interest.

Work Experience

We welcome young adults year round to take part in unpaid work experience programmes. Students are normally at work for 5 days per week. Available to hosts living in all parts of Northern Ireland.

Home Teacher

Do you or your partner have a recognised EFL qualification? We welcome students who stay at their teacher´s home for short stays of 1-2 weeks year-round. Hosts expected to give daily classes to students and involve visitor in daily family life.

Family Stays

Our families come for a period of 1 week (normally during the summer) to live with a local family and have a real cultural and linguistic immersion. Our family guests sometimes have children so if you have a big enough home and would like to be involved with this then please get in contact for further information.

Family Integration and golf

Do you or one of your family enjoying playing golf? If so, why not have one of our golf-mad visitors to stay? Families expected to allow visitors to play at least 6 hours of golf per week and to show them a bit of your local area. Visitors all have handicaps.

Teacher Guide

Some of our adult visitors would like to take part in 2- 3 days of guided walks during their stay. If you have good conversation and listening skills and think this is something you would be interested in doing please drop us a line. Becoming a Host Family Recruiter…

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Become a host family recruiter

We rely on a network of excellent local host family recruiters who visit potential hosts in their local area and complete necessary paper work in each case.
Perhaps you have hosted before, or like being involved in projects related to cultural and linguistic exchange. Perhaps you have good links within your local town or community and feel you would be able to reach lots of potential hosts.
This is a position that can be combined with other personal or professional commitments. Candidates need to have good attention to detail, be computer literate and own a car in order to interview potential hosts.
Recruiters are only involved at the recruitment stage of the process and are paid commission for each family successfully recruited each season.
Please get in touch for further information. We would be delighted to hear from you.
For enquiries from Northern Ireland: (0) 7955 232563.
For enquiries from Republic of Ireland: (0) 8524 86305

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